I Thought of Pebbles in the Creek

The gases rose before I could stop them
or even notice, and then I forgot where I was
or what glorious fatherland I was serving
or what my name was, or anything.
For some reason, I thought of pebbles
in the creek when I was a girl, how I
picked them up, tasted them, slid them
under my tongue and ran, with never
the faintest idea that I could choke.


Prompt: Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (a Soviet sci-fi poster).


21 thoughts on “I Thought of Pebbles in the Creek

  1. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    the brevity adds so much to the marvellous prose- gases could be fatal or mind bending – and the introduction of the pebbles a thought provoking juxtaposition

    • Thank you so much, Brendan! And there’s definitely some outer space in there. I hadn’t thought of Dachau and other such horrible places, but the woman in the poster I used does look scared as gases swirl around her, so it works.

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