3D Print Yourself a New Best Friend Today

You can start from a template:

fishing buddy
gal pal
dumping ground

There are others, too,
or you can start from scratch,
customize everything—but
that costs extra and you lose
something in verisimilitude:

Can you custom-build your
actual flesh-and-blood friends?

Hardly. Templates might seem
artificial, but most real people
are pre-formed by the time
you meet them, anyway.

Consider this: When you get
a new green dinosaur from
a Mold-A-Rama in some cool
corner of a museum, you are

every bit as pleased with it
as if you designed it yourself.
Your new 3D friend will be

similar: all one color,
with that new toy smell.
Warm and pliable, at first.



For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.



I find my voice.
I won’t have this anymore.
You call me junky tree,
scrub tree. You plot
my death. I came

without invitation
because I didn’t
need one. This was
years before you.

This was in
the time of ferns.

Tell me it was not.
Tell me if I’m lying.
Ask your children

to show you their
tongues. Are they not
purple? Secretly, secretly,
they pick up my fruit.

As do squirrels,
as do birds,
and butterflies
sip there, too.

And now I am
not welcome.
And now I hear
many curses

as I make wine
on the sidewalk—
and you, you walk
through it without
even stopping
to drink.





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hard-boiled eggs

Bury the eyes, always,
that they may not witness
this turbulent mystery.

green olives

With pimento pupils,
they stand sentry, to repel
untoward advances.

orange slices

From what grove,
and how came they here?
They must be wondering.

 ground beef (?)

Structural putty.
Muscle memory retains
the shape of the pan.

canned peas

From every crevice
a mockery of freshness.

tomato slice



A jaunty sail,
a hint of life
other than this.






If you’re on Facebook, here’s the photo that inspired this poem. See more from the Kitsch Bitsch here. Yummy! Also, if it’s Tuesday p.m., it’s Open Link Night at dVerse Poets. June 11 marks its 100th weekly session.