Chocolate Chops & Chocolate Chips

Longingly look out the window as breezes blow lace curtains in, against your tear-stained cheek, my maiden. These are dead sailor times. Enjoy!

And someone’s joined the navy
lace his name in chocolate
fill a plate with chocolate
load him up with chocolate
before he goes away


Another neural network recipe idea courtesy of Janelle Shane.


Cabbage Pot Cookies

Cabbage pot cookies are tender little morsels that began as a sailor’s delight in Maine or some state like that. Many’s the sailor who came home to the wafting aroma of cabbage pot cookies and decided never to sail again. Now, cabbage pot cookies may be found in any gracious home across these United States, and in some of the lesser countries and less gracious homes as well. Enjoy!

From the kitchen of
from the kitchenof
kitchen of Mrs.
or kitchen of cabbage
Pot the cabbage in a small
pot, then cookie it
in your little black oven
or your large white one
from the kitchen of
Mrs. Kitty Kitchenof



Yet another hat tip to Janelle Shane.


Beef Soup with Swamp Peef and Cheese

Beef soup with swamp peef and cheese may be eaten in perfect contentment while standing in the middle of your living room with none of your best friends. If not sizzled in half an hour, the peefs bobbing on the surface like so many Esther Williamses, then there’s not much more I can do for you. Enjoy!

Find the freshest peef you can find,
and only from the swamp.
Don’t let the butcher hornswoggle you
into ocean peef or bay peef or estruary.
Those peefs have too much grit,
not enough grain, if you know what I mean.
Demand the peef that you deserve.
Meanwhile, muddle some beef
and boil the cheese of your choosing.
Peas are not valid in this dish.
Try again, if that was your idea.




Yet another hat tip to Janelle Shane.


Export Bean Spoons In Pie-Shell, Top If Spoon and Whip The Mustard

Serves 37 at a table where everyone is angry and trees outside the window are heavy with new leaves. It may be raining or not. Enjoy!

Top if spoon
but not if no spoon
spoon is nonpresent

at present

Whip the mustard
regardless of spoon
or not

export beans in
if all you have is
pie shell

make a hyphen
out of spoons





Another “recipe” from Janelle Shane’s neural network cookbook.