Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious flexes his right forearm, examines it,
says, I’m the kind of person who tells it like it is.
Captain Obvious is made of cottage cheese.
Captain Obvious smells like motor oil. One time,
he took a drive down a long, long highway,
and as he drove, he wrote every song on the radio.



Whatever else happened between the leaves
or in the hammock, Louise was not about
to stick around to find out. Norman told her
to come for a walk, so that’s what she did,
meeting him in the shade of the hornbeam
tree, admiring its catkins. She always liked it
when a man knew trees: Not just, Meet me
under that big, round shade tree
, but
Meet me under the hornbeam. Maybe
Meet me under the hornbeam, Dear
would be better. But there was time
enough for that, she thought, more than
enough evenings left in June, More
than enough Junes left for all that