The Slings and Arrows

The actress has turned into a sprinter. Her actions have
put the oceans in diapers. There is nothing more important
than local news on TV with Dolly Parton singing “Jolene,”
a little bit of a lampshade on her head. Always wake up
smiling. Sometimes we just cry—a lot of times.

A new month means a new magazine. This time, it’s the February issue of InStyle, which I’ve never read before.


Intimacy Is Not the Mess You Give

Her demons never left glitter at restaurants—
she was a cocktail of dazzling sun on your night sky.
The darkness was captivating, the spine of a dance
that Agatha Christie taught you. She understood
when to hold back, how to deal with limitations.
Maybe it’s time to speak into the intensity of
Whitney Houston’s dark demands: cocaine,
the roil between icy tomorrow and love.

Belatedly, here’s a final post from my January project using phrases from that month’s issue of O magazine. I feel like I finally cracked it by the end. In related news, have you noticed that it’s hard to find magazines in stores near you? I have. I’m still on the hunt for a good one for February.