Powerful Water

From now until Labor Day, at the beach
a metallic balm in the sun, a mist at the end
of the sun. The sun. Years later, a ghostly glow
that becomes our world, the heart of our lives
this side of sleep. Sleep. Sleep is trickling in
airy sand. Hello, beach. Wake up every day.


The Moment We Decided

Don’t take the heat for your return to the 1900s.
We’re fans of the star of everything you dreamed up.

Create a home for a skeptic. You’ll go back to the bottle,
a trace of berry minerals, the chill throughout the day—

this self-proclaimed skeptic is diving deep into the oil,
a balm of light, a golden new conceit to inspire you.


California Dream

It starts with a smooth, sweet resin
in an elegant, seaweed-driven city.
That’s what gives unicorn-like colors
around the green latte stones like
liquid pearl sea kelp. I see lots of
colors, craft-store gems, a mellow
glitter of lemons and sunshine.


The Allegations Have Been Completely Fabricated

At the end of day one, she rejoins the team.
She’s in a mood to catch the chatter of a bed.
After several hours, smoke. Electric blue boots
down the catwalk. Makeup smudges around
her eyes. He’s on the phone: “Hey. Doing good?”
She is already planning her next ride
to Popeye’s in drag. It’s a laid-back birthday,
a tabletop vignette of Nordic royalty. A queen.


Can You Please Play Fair?

It’s time to start revealing that philosophy:
Imitation is the sincerest form of vigilante.
Enough water for everyone.
The role of a child.
Why couldn’t she put on a plaid shirt?
You have a new message: Knocking on the door,
I ended up being something under the sun.


They Just Wanted to Fly

What did they do after the fight? What can be
made with a sizzling new burner? We’re shuttling
from the ballroom; this brightest star is false.
The rare moment when the boat flashes a smile,
gives you license to feel like you can spend time
going to her hometown. When you really want
something, her alter egos will know when to be.