Moon Is Just a Person I Know

Moon is not a team player,
but she can fake it
if the stakes are high enough.

Moon lights up pebbles
even if she doesn’t need them
as any sort of path.

Moon finds the underside
of leaves, lays eggs there
for someone else to find.

Moon doesn’t need any water
or love —
she always carries her own.



Personified moon prompt from dVerse Poets Pub.




Eventually, This Summer Has to End

Your face is peach
and you don’t have to do
My voice has been under its own
for a long time
I don’t know if I remember about the
rockets, how it is we bring them home,
or the collapsed lungs,
how to reinflate
like a balloon
skirting the lakefront,
wasteful and deadly,
though people cheer anyway,
up against the sun.