We’ve Seen So Much Already

You can change your voice so
you can try popping up with
bright personality. But don’t

stop there. A little intense—
a quick moment, only a minute
or so. Don’t overdress the subtle

pleasure of your enjoyment.
Feel good about indulgences:
a high-quality version of

your love for your family,
putting on a glove, working
on this planet, your way to live.


My Constipation Keeps Coming Back

People love a tall, beautiful pubic bone.
Just remember, if you get pregnant,
it’s possible to take a trip, ride through
olive groves with a local chef for 4 days.
Total indulgence—the top priority here.
Enjoy the monkeys in the Hollywood Hills,
locally sourced, wellness-minded. Chic.
Convert food waste into ocean waste,
an amazing sight on the beach at night—
the bison in the distance, your hands.


Chemical Harm

Wet hair holds fine fabric, a soft smile
as soon as I walk in my door. I probably
started this ritual: a bath, my best stories,

toxic chemicals used to treat skin for
centuries, an acid mined from the earth
today. When you muddle through your
hurts, your body focuses your mind.

Start from within
, you’ve heard. The day
has put together your hunger.
No reply
by the bugs in your gut. Eat your mood.






If you’re new here, let me tell you what I’m doing: Each month, I write poems using phrases from a different magazine. The phrases don’t have to be directly contiguous, but they do need to be in order rather than all jumbled up. So, I choose a word or a phrase and then look until I find another that will join it in an interesting way. Sometimes the final result tracks better than at other times, but I hope that each contains at least a portion that works well and says something. This month, the magazine is SHAPE. So far, it seems to have a pretty acquisitive take on health and fitness, which I guess shouldn’t be surprising.


Eat for Vibrant Luxury

With a big dose of pleasure, a dash of
sweet, stirring sex and love, do you like
your routine? I love chic, delicious spring,
a rich, decadent taste of the jungle—
simply beautiful, I feel. My holy grail?
Being in nature, a simpler lifestyle,
the socklike bootie of a new camera.
A blackberry sweet spot, light on a
little cloud. Gnarly terrain, the sun.
You’ve fallen in love with your body,
200 feet in the air, at its best.

A new month means a new magazine. This time, it’s SHAPE, whose theme I would summarize as “health through buying things.”


Your Ish IRL

You dressed up as a detective when you were 5 years old,
fierce and feminine, feeling fresh as a damn daisy. Oh, shit!
Pls try again tomorrow. It was that easy to fail, after that
spiral of one-ply toilet paper. Fuuuck it. We were all
rooting for you. Vodka, dry shampoo, and Ariana Grande:
How much time do you need? You overslept and have
two minutes. Dawg, IDK how it ends. I just remember
the anxiety of a messy bun, two girls in similar outfits,
your parents’ garage. You can’t remember the last time
you washed your hair. That’s a personality trait, Sister.

The last day of March means that this is my last poem written from phrases pulled (in order) from the March 2020 issue of Cosmopolitan. It took some time to settle into this magazine, but it ended up being one of my two favorites—the other one being the one I started with, the December 2019 issue of Good Housekeeping. Talk about opposites!


I Sleep with a Mask

Hey! Keep it simple.
It’s 100% awesome,
the new fragrance

of the misty jungle.
I get paid to travel to
Taco Bell, my friend.

I can’t help but notice
the ferris wheel in your
bed, a song in a journal.

I’ve got my glasses on,
for once, half-watching
tonight’s coverage of

however you sleep,
your secrets, a wall,
even your couch.


What Happened?

On Instagram, nobody cared,
especially those who suspect they can
gush blood for weeks, like a second job.

All I was told was that I was just a woman
who couldn’t manage stories like hers.
A ripple effect: Imagine things getting better.

She says it’s getting worse with the shirtless
bachelor in paradise—weird and awkward,
this gorgeous girl with matching hair,

a special dress on the back of a door.
Revolution takes time, but she hasn’t
saved up enough for fresh flowers.