My Cab Driver Gave Me a Wet Kiss Just Now (Monday, September 29, 10:02 a.m.: BORING)

My husband has the flu. I love the movie Lost in Translation.
My dog doesn’t want to get up. I feel that most people wouldn’t
eat meat if the animals could talk. I need a robot like one of those
weird dogs that’s bred to look ugly. I just found an eyelash in
my eggs. Went swimming today despite it almost being October.
Someone just told me I need a robot that can carry me around
on the pavement—life is much better from the passenger seat.


Ham and Cheese Loaf Was on Sale (Tuesday, September 23, 6:52 a.m.: BORING)

But I love olive loaf. I was a bit worked up. I always
get Dennis Quaid and Bill Pullman mixed up.

My brain hurts. I left my phone at home today.
I was approached by someone at a bar;
this usually buys me another day.

That should be enough for now.
I often wake up laughing during sleep.


Eyeglasses and Jazz Shoes

That’s what it feels like: I can’t find
enough dental floss for a dream of
jigsaw puzzles, and the raft of paper
won’t keep me afloat until I find all
my dollar bills. I have to return

eyeglasses and jazz shoes, send
a collection of bow ties. These
are days when someone wants
to take pictures of my children
and then, if I pay more, remove

my children’s imperfections
and write their names on them
(the pictures) so I don’t forget
who they are, the one who
looked like a rubber alien and

the other one who looked like
a kitten or my father. Sometimes
I forget the song while I’m still
singing it. Sometimes, you know,
I need all the help I can get.


In the Circle

In the circle of my arms, you grew
like a police chief made of bark.
When the curtains blow open,
will you be there still?
In the circle
of leaves, you blew on your fingertips,
said the weather would be changing
soon, you’d best be on your way.
I cried like a hobo, to release you.
Every morning now, I wonder if this
will be the day my hands fall off.


You Can’t Win if You Don’t Enter: Goodreads Giveaway for Secret Rivers


Hi, everyone … Just wanted to mention that I’m now an official Goodreads Author and have listed a giveaway in which 10 lucky winners will each receive a free copy of Secret Rivers. (What’s Secret Rivers? You’re joking, right? But here’s some information about it.)

So far, 62 people have entered to win a copy, which I find a little staggering — but which you shouldn’t let dissuade you from entering. I’m not sure how they choose the lucky winners, but I don’t think it’s according to who got there first.

You’re all winners in my book … But I hope you’re on the list they send me when the giveaway ends on October 31. Good luck!


Everything Passing

When I felt wings growing under my skin,
I fed myself another snow cone. I made
an architecture of summer clouds and
paper. In this scaffold, I turned into
a Valkyrie. Someday, I will shriek

forbidden words about claw machines
and bumper cars, horses seen from
car windows, the inevitability of fall,
everything passing, passing like
my old, soft, sun-loving self.