The Pepsi Challenge

Touch me not,
you Pepsi challenge of a —
well, we all have challenges, don’t we,
every one of us fighting those tiny Twilight Zone aliens
from Earth, each of us alone in our dress in our farmhouse
on an unnamed planet of our own?
Pepsi is the national drink of those aliens — I mean,
does anyone really prefer it? Many of us said we did.
Many of of were shocked, a veil lifted from our eyes, a label
(black on white, Cola A or Cola B) sliding off the can
to reveal our secret choice. I know I took the Pepsi challenge
and wanted it to go a certain way, and it either did or didn’t,
but I forget what I wanted and what I chose, and how I felt
when the truth was revealed. I know I have certain challenges now.
I forget what I want and what I choose and how I feel, and the truth.