The Moment We Decided

Don’t take the heat for your return to the 1900s.
We’re fans of the star of everything you dreamed up.

Create a home for a skeptic. You’ll go back to the bottle,
a trace of berry minerals, the chill throughout the day—

this self-proclaimed skeptic is diving deep into the oil,
a balm of light, a golden new conceit to inspire you.


California Dream

It starts with a smooth, sweet resin
in an elegant, seaweed-driven city.
That’s what gives unicorn-like colors
around the green latte stones like
liquid pearl sea kelp. I see lots of
colors, craft-store gems, a mellow
glitter of lemons and sunshine.


The Allegations Have Been Completely Fabricated

At the end of day one, she rejoins the team.
She’s in a mood to catch the chatter of a bed.
After several hours, smoke. Electric blue boots
down the catwalk. Makeup smudges around
her eyes. He’s on the phone: “Hey. Doing good?”
She is already planning her next ride
to Popeye’s in drag. It’s a laid-back birthday,
a tabletop vignette of Nordic royalty. A queen.


Can You Please Play Fair?

It’s time to start revealing that philosophy:
Imitation is the sincerest form of vigilante.
Enough water for everyone.
The role of a child.
Why couldn’t she put on a plaid shirt?
You have a new message: Knocking on the door,
I ended up being something under the sun.


They Just Wanted to Fly

What did they do after the fight? What can be
made with a sizzling new burner? We’re shuttling
from the ballroom; this brightest star is false.
The rare moment when the boat flashes a smile,
gives you license to feel like you can spend time
going to her hometown. When you really want
something, her alter egos will know when to be.


The Must-See Thriller

It wasn’t just her imagination,those two terrors.
A restorative night—hard to have each day fall flat.
One small escape makes a big difference in her skills.
Something will entertain you in these strange times.
Today’s forecast: summery sun on mother of pearl.