I Found Myself Watching Our Kids Play

It is something we can create, a misunderstanding.
A laundry list of grievances, stuck in the gap. Do you

like fear, bleeding? Nothing happened.
People still don’t care. Take the triumph,


on the eastern coast of history, battling the blazes
together. Shoot at moving targets, almost forgotten.


The Must-See Thriller

It wasn’t just her imagination,those two terrors.
A restorative night—hard to have each day fall flat.
One small escape makes a big difference in her skills.
Something will entertain you in these strange times.
Today’s forecast: summery sun on mother of pearl.


Turn Back the Clock

Dry desert dullness on my body.
Not to be mistaken: I can see my days.
Do you ever wonder what it would be like
to follow an earth-loving water, a return to
the star? Thyme and the whole family of
hours. Dull, tired youth wasn’t talked about.
Too often ignored. You’ll go back to being
free in no time—the result on the skin.