3D Print Yourself a New Best Friend Today

You can start from a template:

fishing buddy
gal pal
dumping ground

There are others, too,
or you can start from scratch,
customize everything—but
that costs extra and you lose
something in verisimilitude:

Can you custom-build your
actual flesh-and-blood friends?

Hardly. Templates might seem
artificial, but most real people
are pre-formed by the time
you meet them, anyway.

Consider this: When you get
a new green dinosaur from
a Mold-A-Rama in some cool
corner of a museum, you are

every bit as pleased with it
as if you designed it yourself.
Your new 3D friend will be

similar: all one color,
with that new toy smell.
Warm and pliable, at first.



For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.


12 thoughts on “3D Print Yourself a New Best Friend Today

  1. “you lose/something in verisimilitude” -Good one! And, you may not be able to custom-build your flesh-and-blood friends, but it doesn’t stop some from trying. The results, sadly, are always the same: they get broken or tossed in the trash.

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