I Can’t Write the Poem if I Don’t Know the Prompt

Hello, friends. It is very unusual for me to try to reach you this way, but my husband is the deposed king of a land that is rich with gold and I … Wait, that’s not it.

OK, I was all set to write today’s poem and then go make stuffing, but the Writer’s Digest website seems to be down, so I can’t get my daily prompt. And I’m sure as heck not going to write a promptless poem. Are you kidding me? That’s what all the months besides November and April are for.

I’ve tried finding out through other means, so I thought I’d ask here, too. If you’re also doing the PAD Chapbook Challenge from Poetic Asides at WD, could you please tell me today’s prompt?

I’ll let this simmer a bit and go make stuffing, in hopes that I can write my poem after that.

Thank you, thank you …


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