If I could address you vaguely for a moment,
I would heal all the cracks in your broken world
as I hope you would do for mine. But neither of us
can do that for each other if we can’t admit
that our worlds are, in fact, broken
or that there are, indeed, two of them
or that yes, it is our job to patch things up
because somebody has to, because somebody should
and because here we are, still, with our two
broken worlds, living together, still,
on our one broken world.

For the PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 26. Prompt: a “same” poem.


4 thoughts on “Same

  1. Two worlds, one world, melting, patching, latching, dreaming screaming “More!”
    And ends the writer, her story song –
    along with muses – ever gone….
    But I want more, whispered me inside…

      • Hi Marilyn… forgive me. My nature is a little different. I didn’t mean to imply your poem wasn’t finished. But aren’t all poems. I truly believe that as poets we only fertilize emotions that already exist. The reader brings it to life. What I wrote was my exrension, not a replacement. What I’ve found is that if I fail to seek inspiration then my own poetry reverts to something akin to Poe or Whitman, which in itself is not terrible I suppose, but it is a little 19th century. And I will say that I find much of your poetry very inspirational. Please forgive my occasional rants. There’s no hidden meaning there, just purely complimentary. Hope your dinner was smashing…

  2. Oh, no, I wasn’t offended or anything, and there’s no need to apologize! I’m honored that you would visit to seek inspiration — and I like seeing how you take what I’ve written and add your own twist to it. Take care, and please don’t worry.

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