Evening, November

I don’t love conflict
of any kind, or

crying while I do the dishes
Look how the despair is softening my hands!

or how my inner gray is twinned
by the gray outside

until the sun goes down, mercifully —
it’s like the old dirty joke says:

They all look the same
in the dark.

For the PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 25. Prompt: A love poem or an anti-love poem.


4 thoughts on “Evening, November

  1. You’re poetry is inspiring. I wish I could put thoughts together that way…… Mine always seem to come out too classical… But I’ve been practicing. Is this one anywhere in the ball park?

    I never grind the pepper shaker,
    when shaking alone will work.
    Unless it’s needed – as a salad needed seeded,
    then I’ll grind it like a twork!

    Twork it! Twork it Babah!
    Twork that peppa shakah!
    Twork it like yo mamma made ya –
    Like you do ya money makah!

    Twork it ’til it come out black –
    ‘lil ashes falling down your back.
    Rub it up – feel so gooooooodddd….
    Peppa in the neighborhood….

    I need ya bad girl, like you really wanna make it –
    grind it real hard like you ain’t gonna fake it –
    put da peppa in and take da peppa out –
    grind it up girl and put da peppa in your mouth.

    Taste it baby, taste it baby –
    taste it real good –
    grind it up again
    like you know you should…

    Then when you done
    and they’s plenty of it ground –
    I’ll only need to shake it
    next time round….

    Wham, bam, thank you ma’am….
    My good man, peppa all around….

  2. Thanks! In general, I think you’re more into traditional forms and classic language than I am — which is completely fine! I struggle when I’m called on to write a more formal poem, where I imagine they come much more naturally to you.

    The poem you wrote here is really funny and vivid. It has great sound, too — and it certainly isn’t formal. 🙂 I bet it would be great for a reading or slam, if you’re into those. It would shake things up, for sure.

    • Thanks, Brendan! I really appreciate that. I find line breaks really difficult, in general. This month I’ve been working a little differently, in that I’m writing directly in WordPress. It has gotten me out of my habit of breaking the lines so they’ll look orderly. Since how the poem appears in the writing window doesn’t match how it will look on the blog, it forces me to use the meaning more to determine the breaks. It’s been a good exercise.

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