Let Me


Let me be your friend who
keeps you in touch with

pop music.

Let it now be known that
I do not hate

pop music.

I know I should call it
inane and corporate,

pop music.

But in any car,
it’s all I want,

pop music.

How about your car?
Will your radio play

pop music?

Let me hop in,
let me turn it up loud,

roll my windows down and cruise
oo la la, that’s what I like
you’re the one I want
I know you want it
I love it

pop music.




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15 thoughts on “Let Me

  1. You are a very cruel woman. I love your poetry and so intentionally read about something I really, really don’t like. I now have Olivia Newton John to keep me company this evening. As my show of pique, I refuse to mention how well done this was.

  2. I like my pop music mostly secondhand, so I would be very pleased to have you be my friend who keeps me “in touch with pop music.” Especially if you remix it into your own poems like this!

    • Thanks, Jennifer! We just got back from a vacation that involved lots of driving. I’m mostly a car radio listener, so that’s my chance to get clued in again, briefly, to what “the kids” are listening to these days.

    • I mainly listen to it when we’re driving somewhere, like during our recent vacation. Many hours in a rented car that had satellite radio meant mostly “hot hits” intermixed with Canadian indie music, with occasional visits to various decades.

  3. Everybody knows classical music or jazz or anything remotely resembling something serious sounds dreadful in a car. Long live pop music! You’ve got me singing ‘New York London Paris Munich/ Everybody listen to M Pop Music’ – which my husband doesn’t even remember!

    • Is that song from the ’80s? If so, I’m pretty sure it was in my head as I wrote this. And you’re right — I briefly turned to an opera station, and then quickly changed it back. Same with show tunes.

  4. I spent the day listening to classic rock so I can relate to the overwhelming need for music. Do you dance and sing along? I do 🙂 Well written and much enjoyed.

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