Dancing Shoes

And that was before it all hit the paywall.
That was before it all went down.
Quad City DJ’s told us to

c’mon, ride the train
and we all pumped our fists:
Choo, choo!

We all danced at weddings; nothin’ wrong
with a little bump and grind. That was before
everything cost so much. That was before

the stakes got raised. That was when
everything was everything, and we all
thought it always would be — that we

could always find our dancing shoes,
or buy new ones, or dance in
whatever shoes we had on.




Let Me


Let me be your friend who
keeps you in touch with

pop music.

Let it now be known that
I do not hate

pop music.

I know I should call it
inane and corporate,

pop music.

But in any car,
it’s all I want,

pop music.

How about your car?
Will your radio play

pop music?

Let me hop in,
let me turn it up loud,

roll my windows down and cruise
oo la la, that’s what I like
you’re the one I want
I know you want it
I love it

pop music.




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What goes around … comes
so many times, you begin
to get sick of it, frankly.

Everything repeats
sooner or later; life runs
on invisible wheels

that are easy to feel
spinning under you
if you’re not too

to feel anything but
your brokenness.

So what? It’s easy to forget
the cycles that run us,
when it seems as if

everything moves forward,
not in circles, after all. I like it,
the illusion that we’re each

walking somewhere, or
that any of us is able
to hold still, ever.

“I will wait,” we say. But
there is no waiting, only transit,
on our loop around the sun.

For NaBloPoMo and PAD Challenge, Day 21 (prompt: write a poem incorporating five random song titles).