Dubiously with surprise (for NaPoWriMo, Day 30)

Dubiously with surprise
to no sad Weed
The Dew reheads it at its work—
In purposeful weakness—
The brunette Savior lingers—
The Moon halts moved
To randomly mark another Night
For a disapproving Mortal.



NaPoWriMo, Day 30 prompt: Take an existing poem (mine is this one by Emily Dickinson — though the copy I worked from had her characteristic dashes and capitalization) and write a line-by-line opposite.

Will link at Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.

On a related note: What happens to this blog now that NaPo is NoMo is that I post a poem here each Tuesday (for OLN, which is each Tuesday p.m.). Between Tuesdays, I often post general musings about writing, poetry contests, publishing, editing, and so on.

I hope that a lot of you who have been visiting lately will continue to follow or drop in from time to time! Thank you so much to all who have liked or commented this month. I enjoyed every single day, and I can’t believe it’s already come to an end. 


13 thoughts on “Dubiously with surprise (for NaPoWriMo, Day 30)

    • It sure did! Now I need to go back and revise what I wrote during March and put it together as a chapbook. To what end, I don’t know — chapbook contests thus far have been like throwing things down a well. Maybe one of them will strike gold, though.

    • Thanks, and you, too! I’ll probably miss it, but there’s a little bit of relief, too. It ended at a good time because I have a busy month ahead, and because now I can get back to some other things that were on hold. How about you?

      • heh-heh … same as that, Marilyn, a bit sad and a bit glad that I did it, I feel I learnt a lot and it’s interesting that even when you don’t use one of the prompts there’s always something to write about …

        Lots of things I must get back to, as well 🙂

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