Thumper, for Open Link Night


Hum hum hum like the
grinding of a mechanical
cicada; he is a machine
designed to bite my
husband’s leg, a sign
of affection, a tremendous
cross-species urge that
drives him around ankles,
between feet, hop hop
hop, pause to lick, then
to bite. What can be done
when the rabbit purrs,
bunches himself into
a moving picture of
desire, a heartfelt
connection meeting
at the teeth?



For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.


10 thoughts on “Thumper, for Open Link Night

  1. haha…i did not catch on that it was a rabbit in the early part…and was wondering just where this could be going…but i really like it…the affection of animals is a beautiful thing…

  2. The humming/purring surprised us, too. I didn’t know rabbits made any sound. This is the pet from my daughter’s classroom at school, and we’re watching him for the next month. He is affectionate like this with me, too (though less bitey), until my husband enters the room. Fickle bunny.

  3. I used to have a monster bunny who ate her way through half my couch. We had to minnd her teeth too. But she dindn’t purr. sounds like you have quite a little character there. You drew him so well with your words.

  4. Now that might be some rough bunny to like. I’ve heard of people training them as guard bunnies. Your poem leads me to believe that that is indeed possible! Nicely drawn portrait of Thumper.

    • They’re definitely alert, and not always as timid as you might expect. I’m pretty sure that a lot of the behavior is because he very much wants a girlfriend and thinks maybe I’m a good candidate. But he’s so sweet … and is watching me as I type this.

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