Back Porch, for Open Link Night

Back Porch

In this place of breezes
and naps, the spot where
birds begin, nothing can be
wrong, not when power
scampers harmlessly
through the line

and the cardinal
sharps out his message
about finding food,
protecting children.

His song pervades
everything; all the
leaves turn over
once, twice,

as our beach towels
flap where we draped
them, out here where
the phone doesn’t ring.



For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.


17 thoughts on “Back Porch, for Open Link Night

  1. A boardwalk away – songs from the beach although we don’t see Cardinals there – frigates, gulls, sandpipers, and grackels strutting in and out of the roosts where pelicans watch and herons fish. This is a lovely summertime piece.

    • Thank you! It is an unassuming condo porch, but we have a lot of trees around us, and I love that we’ve been going to the beach more often this summer. Often on Tuesdays, so I come home with a beachy poem for Open Link Night!

  2. having just gotten back from a beach trip where my phone didn’t work, i can totally identify with the sense of peace and serenity that pervades this. ah, i want to go back!

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