And Then Some Days, You Write 6 of Them

… and they all just suck (to put it frankly). What is going on? Did I jinx it by saying things were going well? And … will the magic ever return??? What if I wrote my last good poem ever, a couple of days ago? (Do these questions sound familiar to you, fellow poets?)

Or maybe this is just a Sunday night in July, and I am temporarily unable to see past some other things that are going on — like my son’s impending 4th birthday. Not that he’s to blame … but I do find I am often boggled by special occasions, financial obligations, and other “chatter” in my daily life.

Also, I had a Peep-roasting incident tonight … yes, in July. There were two left, so I fired up the gas range, and then I grabbed them to pull them off the skewer. Melted marshmallow tends to fuse onto skin pretty tightly — as I learned around Easter and relearned tonight.

On the plus side, a burned thumb (it immediately made a blister, and now there are some purple places as well) is a handy excuse for what I hope is temporary writer’s block. Perhaps I’m just distracted by the pain … and my own stupidity.

But wait — the first three lackluster poems were written before this incident. So much for that excuse. The upshot is that I’m just not feeling it today but hope to feel it again tomorrow … and will choose a less hazardous dessert next time.



7 thoughts on “And Then Some Days, You Write 6 of Them

  1. Try pretending that everything happens for a reason.

    I say this because this post is exactly what I needed to read today. I’ve been easily distracted and in a writerly, fitnessly, teacherly — daughterly, even — slump. I’ve just realized that my equivalent of six bad poems is still genuine effort and nothing good has to come from them. Now it’s your turn.

    • I’m slumping too, in a lot of ways. I was enjoying Zumba for a while, but it doesn’t take much to get me off the fitness routine. Should we just chalk it up to July? I don’t know if it’s been hot where you are, but we’ve been in a drought and heat wave that seem to sap everyone’s energy.

  2. So sorry to hear about the Peeps’ revenge! May your thumb heal quickly.

    As to the six poems, my congratulations. You produce! AND, you have gotten them out of the way so you can get to your next three, and the ones after those, among which will be more good ones.

    Also, I’m guessing there is a luminous image or singing line in each of those six that you’ll want to salvage for later use.

    • Yep! I was tempted to immediately switch to another editing and revising phase, but then today I wrote three more that felt much better. I guess sometimes it really is just an off day that you need to work through.

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