Sad News Re: My Pinkie Ring

You might recall that I wrote about a comically large-stoned pinkie ring I got for my 10th anniversary at work (or workiversary, as I like to call these events). Well, as of Friday, it’s missing! I noticed it was gone while waiting for my train that evening. Did it slide off my finger, onto the sidewalk between work and train station? If so, wouldn’t I have heard the resounding thunk?

I can tell you where it’s not, and that’s: a) on my desk or b) in any of my usual spots at home. (I have a tendency to take my jewelry off a lot — especially this summer, when it’s so hot that my fingers are like Vienna sausages by the end of the day.)

I put out an APB over the intranet at work, and will continue searching in strange locations. I once found some beloved, lost earrings in the base of a candlestick on the mantel … so there is hope. I guess. I’m pretty sure I had it on at work … and then didn’t.

If someone else picked it up, I hope they have some summer fun with it. Maybe it will be part of some great adventures?

Cross your pinkies for me, friends …


3 thoughts on “Sad News Re: My Pinkie Ring

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