Little Pings and Pops: April 2015 PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 9

We worked it out by
plugging my circuits
into his circuits
and then everything
was fine. Was OK.


It’s a couple of years
later now, and there are
little pings and pops

here and there,
nothing serious,

but I begin to wonder if
we need some kind of reset
or if any of this was right,
from the very beginning,

and also whether
the best thing to do
on the day of that
first problem

was not to interlock
our circuits but to
disconnect our hoses,
reprogram our CPUs
to ignore each other,

and roll our separate ways.


Automatons of Love: April 2015 PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day Three

If you believe you’re a machine,
then I believe it, too. Your circuits gleam
as your teeth flash—a mouthful of
white dinner jackets. You’re plugged in
to another time, a different stream
of impulses; the satellites that move me
don’t move you, leave you staring
at your baked potato in a supper club
of your own design. If you’re a machine,
you’re a damn good one. If you’re
a machine, then so am I. Yes, so am I.