Because nothing takes hold,
I build a tiny box, fence it over
with wires and bells until I have
a new kind of robot that won’t
do my chores but will buzz
a little bit, and chime.


For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets. Also, please read the post right before this one — especially the last paragraph — and let me know if you’d like to participate.


17 thoughts on “Robot

  1. high tech, eh? smiles. makes me think though of childhood play and we always wanted to build a robot or a spaceship…and anything nearly resembling one was a wonderful thing…smiles.

  2. Phew, dead good! My pet robot says it sounds like the wind chime he made me. He made me? He didn’t – I made him, out of old pots and pans. Whatever you do, don’t plug it in (for too long).

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