Sailing for Daisies

We sail for daisies at midnight,
having joined the daisy navy
several nights ago

(while drinking).

We sail for daisies, but you are still
inside your dark house. The time
draws near, and now I fear

that I will sail alone for daisies.

Will you remember my name, if I am
taken by the sea? Will you remember
my name in the harbor town —

my name and how valiant I was,
alone in my stem-green slicker,

alone and sailing for daisies?
Today’s prompt at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads was to write a poem inspired by a Kandinsky painting. I chose The Golden Sail (which is covered by fair use):

Image result for kandinsky gold sail


12 thoughts on “Sailing for Daisies

  1. Kerry says:

    Sailing for daisies.. that is such a great phrase and I loved the way you utilized it throughout the poem. Magical.

  2. willow88switches says:

    there is a cheekiness to this – it really is subtly surprising – and the idea of sailing for daisies? how cool is this??! Yeah, this is just totally one for the books. Just enough of the “drunk and disorderly” to suggest all kinds of the richness of playing “love” games …. plucking petals and all that …. and ohhh, that line and the question, will you remember my name and “and how valiant I was,
    alone in my stem-green slicker,” —- amazing word play/engagement!

    I really like your style Marilyn! Fresh and dynamic!

  3. I just totally adore this poem! It’s got everything: the story, the setting, the characters, the promise of adventure, the mystery, the tug at the heart-strings…. A lovely, fanciful (and yet so right) response to the painting; besides being a new invention of your own.

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