Operation, That Endless Game

Operation, that game of
endless BZZZZT
endless fun where
BZZZZT you remove a rib
from a man with BZZZZZZT
a red nose, uncomfortably
BZZZZZZT naked body
and an alarmed BZZZZT
look on his BZZZZZZT
look on his BZZZZZZT
on his BZZZZT
his face. Operation,
the game BZZZZT
that my brother BZZZZT
that my brother and his
BZZZZZT and his friend
BZZZZZZT had to play
BZZZZT in the
BZZZT play in the
basement because BZZZT
when I was BZZZZT
when I was three BZZZZZT
when I was three years old
I was afraid of

Today’s prompt at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads was to write about a children’s game.


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