My Plans for This Year’s NaPoWriMo

I have made a decision. (That sounds more momentous than it really is.) For the past several months, I’ve been miserly about posting poems here because that’s still the kiss of death, for a lot of publications (they count blog-posted poems as having been previously published and thus, embargoed forever). But April is National Poetry Month — and NaPoWriMo — and for the past several years, I’ve observed it by posting one poem per day, even though it amounts to throwing them all down a well. I’m going to do that again, and out of the three different sources of daily prompts that I’ve used in recent years, this year, I’m committing to this one. It asks the most of me, in that you’re supposed to not just link to your own blog but also visit others’ and comment on them. Here’s to community, and to extravagant wastefulness for a good purpose.

Another prompty place I have loved
And another one as well


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