Sorry for three months of crickets

Hello … So, I’ve gone silent here lately. It’s not that I’ve stopped writing poetry (I haven’t), or that I haven’t been published anywhere recently (I have!). But I’ve been playing things very close to the vest, lately, as far as posting poems here, since that still does count, to a lot of publications, as being “previously published.” (That’s a lot of commas for one sentence. I love commas.) And as for sharing good news, I do that on Facebook.

Apart from the annual daily prompt things in April and November, I’m really not sure what–if anything–to do with this blog anymore. This is not goodbye, exactly, but I’m going to pause (more) to think about whether and how a blog fits into a life where I’m writing for work and writing for fun and thus, writing all … the … time.


2 thoughts on “Sorry for three months of crickets

    • For a while, I was seeking out publications that didn’t consider blog posts to be previous publications. But that’s very limiting. What might happen is that I use the blog as overflow space for things that I’m unlikely to submit — the things that are an odd fit, perhaps, but that I still like well enough to post. Or maybe choose one day a week when I post a poem, knowing that I’m sending it down a well, and then continue to hoard whatever I write on the other days of the week.

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