NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 13: A Ghazal

Life’s Blue Dolphin Comb

At Showbiz Pizza when I was 10, all I could get was a dolphin comb.
Not even a lobster harmonica; instead, I got a blue dolphin comb.

When we watched the robot band, ate pizza and cake, I’m sure
I tried to content myself with it, my prize of a dolphin comb.

I was never very good at video games or ball-tossing games;
that’s probably how I ended up with only that dolphin comb.

I know I got a balloon, too, which may have helped take away
the sting of wanting a gumball machine, getting a dolphin comb.

It had a sailor hat and goofy smile, flimsy teeth that clicked when
I ran my thumbnail down the length of my new dolphin comb.

Here’s the lesson, Marilyn, if there is one: Sometimes it’s easier
if you can learn to fall in love with it, life’s blue dolphin comb.

The prompt from was to write a ghazal, which this one sort of is.


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