Spice Poem: Progress


Grown in the joyful yam-colored foothills of Oregon. Shout its name,
in the manner of the early colonists, and see if it comes back to you.


As a flavoring, it has no equal. It has been to clam dip and back.
A little goes a long way, gathers itself, and then comes home.

Black Pepper

As old as the tides, as valuable as those, and as sharply aromatic.
Sprinkle pepper at your next masquerade ball to undress your guests.

Bay Leaves

Put one under your tongue and your most prosaic speech becomes
a bouquet garni  Whisper to me your story of cooking water and bouillon.


It lists to one side and then the other, a sizzling dream of casserole
and potpourri, a con carne applesauce that talks and talks and talks.

Well, now the problem I’m having is that the Kroger brand oregano description may have been a sine qua non, the height of the spice label writer’s art. Friends have graciously supplied me with a few other Kroger spice label descriptions, as you can see, but none have been quite as inspired or as unusually informative as the one for oregano. But if you comment with other Kroger spice label descriptions, I’ll do what I can. Thanks!


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