A Spice Poem That I Need Help With


Grown in the joyful yam-colored foothills of Oregon. Shout its name,
in the manner of the early colonists, and see if it comes back to you.

… And that’s where I stalled out, and here’s why: Earlier today, a Facebook friend (and a great poet, too) posted a description from a bottle of Kroger brand oregano, and I found it very evocative. I thought I could do a whole rack of spices, and just “riff” on the ones other than oregano. But I can’t. I really, really want the Kroger descriptions! We don’t have Kroger around here, though … do you? If so, would you mind posting a photo or typing verbatim the description on the label of any Kroger brand spices you have — or would be willing to capture in the store? If so, I’d really appreciate it — thanks!


2 thoughts on “A Spice Poem That I Need Help With

  1. Hmmmm. We don’t have Kroger out here in WA, but we do have Fred Meyer, which is owned by Kroger. I don’t think they carry Kroger brands, but just in case, I’ll check their store-brand spices for vivid descriptions and let you know!

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