Shopping for a New WordPress Theme

Hi, everyone — I’m tempted by the new Sorbet theme. What do you think? Should I stick with my ’80s gray grid thing (and figure out its widgets and some other stuff, so I don’t have a bunch of nonfunctioning functions)? Go with Sorbet? Or shop around?

I like that it’s pretty text-forward, as opposed to having a very busy background and lots of color. One issue I’ve had with the one I’m using now is that poems with longer lines don’t format correctly. Would this one be any better?

Your thoughts on the best WordPress themes for poet bloggers?



10 thoughts on “Shopping for a New WordPress Theme

  1. I want to like this, but I have two comments: first, it’s a lot of pinky-red to look at in a lot of places and I think that unless the poems are long enough to compensate, it could distract from the text, and second, the text itself is so muted in color that I want to adjust my contrast.

    (Please forgive me if the question was really meant only to be a validation of your choice. I’m not trying to be abrupt!)

  2. I recently just changed theme–after a couple years, you just get a hankerin’. Similar to the Sorbet, you might look at Circa, Quadra and Hexa. They tempted me, though I ended up with Writr. I noticed on a lot of the newer themes (not sure about old ones) that you can also preview the full screen for computer, tablet and mobile to see what it looks like on different devices–kind of nice.

  3. Thanks. I’ll check those out! As for this one, I like how the poems present, but not other posts, and I wish it weren’t red, white, and blue — very Tommy Hilfiger in an Adirondack chair. I’ll probably try something else …

  4. OK, I’ve kept this one the longest. It’s very black and white. But it’s also very readable, and I actually like the crazy font for post/poem titles. Sort of like a retro magazine. Do we have a winner?

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