Home to Roost

Never a twilight kitchen curtain closes—
apple gingham blocking apple tree,
roosting swifts, twittering in aggregate—
as never inside a silence falls, bereft of
any comfort. Never think that these
evenings will be embroidered on towels,
suspended in amber, frozen in memory.
Time has curtains of its own, divides us
from seeing each other, the drift of clouds
scudding treetops, until it is too late.
Listen: All our dead mothers call all our
dead selves from all our dead doorsteps
at all our dead back doors.



2 thoughts on “Home to Roost

  1. Whew–chills! The triple “Never” and quad “dead” create complexity and resonance. And I love the density of language and sound. There’s a lot behind, in front of, and on these curtains!

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