A Brain, Bouncing in Its Frame

My eyeball jumps at you
from inside my mouth;
its eyeball friends spill
down my tongue. Do you

know what to make of this:
scissors, bees, giant fish?
Careful—under her hairnet,
the lunch lady has no face.

I am angry at this shark,
this skeleton hand, these
neon-frosted doughnuts.
It all spins too fast; I can’t

ride my unicycle when
the lunch lady, joined by
clones, is dancing around
my fruited head.  My poor

blob head. How it throbs
with frilly spectacle as
a giant bone pokes in
from the window. What

defense can there be, in
this gas-permeable world?
All I can do is clap. Clap—
and wish for toast.




I jumbled it up, but believe it or not, all these images and more (so, so many more) are in this song from Japan that became a huge viral hit a couple of years ago. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should go watch it right now! Or if you do know, go watch it again—it really is as crazy as you remember.


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