Precise Increments of Actual Fact

Let’s not be arbitrary about this,
our memories of wooden decks, nesting yellow jackets.

Don’t forget what you always wanted:
this empty sore, this ravenous ache.

All is forgiven, and on its way to being forgotten;
a little more memory goes down the shower drain each day.

Sometimes mine sings as it leaves me:
No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more Mr. Cleeeeeeeean …

Someday, we might all erupt somehow—
but probably not today.



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20 thoughts on “Precise Increments of Actual Fact

      • Good choice….. Alice is not really a shock writer as most think… I always felt that he simply writes about things where most people don’t want to go. “No more Mr. Nice Guy” and “Billion Dollar Babies” are such good examples of that. Hendrix had an incredible repoirtoire too… He was completely blinded by music, almost illeterately so, yet his choice of words in lyrics are some of the most poetic and beautiful in the world….. You can not lose by studying artists like these….. Again, nice read….

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