Open Link Eve

I’m taking this one off.
I have too many bees in the head.
A beard of bees. Bread and cheese?
I’d love a sandwich, thanks.

Too many cows, and I cannot
churn butter, not with all these
flies in the ointment, a whole
continent of lies; they buzz

the same as truths, only louder.
Louder, you say? I suppose
I could yell, but when I’m yellow
like this, and underwater,

I’m not sure it matters much. Yello?
Yello? Now I am at the last payphone
on Earth, with a fistful  of quarters
and nothing left to say.




If it’s Tuesday p.m., check out Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.


14 thoughts on “Open Link Eve

  1. I love not just the non-sequitur flow of ideas (we’ve all been there), but also the subtle use of cliches (flies in the ointment, yellow submarine) to show that your mind is not at its usual creative best.

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