P.M. (for NaPoWriMo, Day 17)

When I say hello
to lamplight
the glowing globe
beside the brick


Under our front window,
is it raining? Is it snowing?

See the drops bounce
and hiss, the flakes
feather the globe

This is four o’clock.
This is five. This is



NaPoWriMo, Day 17 prompt: Write a poem of greeting.


10 thoughts on “P.M. (for NaPoWriMo, Day 17)

      • You sound like a natural to me. The voice is authentic, easy to hear in my head, and believable on the tongue, even when the poem takes a turn into delightful absurdity, It takes itself seriously enough without becoming maudlin or precocious. In other words, you are easy for a reader to trust and want to follow. So few poets these days give me that in the first few lines.

      • I am now replying to your reply to my reply. 🙂 How can I ever thank you enough for what you’ve said here? It means a lot to me, especially since you work so much with the voice and sound of poems. I always try to keep from tipping over toward the maudlin or precocious, or just “too much” in any direction. It’s very gratifying to hear that you think I achieve that balance. Thank you, thank you, thank you …

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