Cosmology, for Open Link Night





The saltshaker disagrees 
with the notion that there is
anything beyond the tabletop,
any substance more important

than salt. It breathes the sharp air
inside its belly. It sighs in the
humidity; two grains of white rice
rattle in the depths, helping its

thoughts flow more clearly.
This heat. In this heat, who would
begrudge it two grains of rice?
The saltshaker pretends they are

salt, too—though oblong, not
crystalline. It is the only way to
hold a world together sometimes,
this pretending. These breaths.



For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.


13 thoughts on “Cosmology, for Open Link Night

  1. I love how you bring the salt shaker to life…particularly the salts belief that there exists nothing beyond salt–what an ego!

    A very fun and entertaining piece.

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