Two Chapbooks out the Door, Please Don’t Let Me Enter More

I just hit send on my entry for the Dream Horse Press Poetry Chapbook Prize. It wasn’t due until June 30, but it was not good for me to have it hanging around any longer. I needed to clear my plate, and now it’s sparkling clear (of my own work, anyway), and it’s going to stay that way for a while so I can focus on some editing projects.

The other one I entered, just a few days ago, was a chapbook contest from Blue Light Press. If you want to do that one, hurry! The deadline is June 15. I wondered whether my work is their cup of tea, but nothing ventured, nothing gained — and a poem in that manuscript references San Francisco, where they’re based. Meant to be, right?

Good luck if you enter these, or any other chapbook contests … wishing beautiful, tiny books for all!


2 thoughts on “Two Chapbooks out the Door, Please Don’t Let Me Enter More

  1. Marilyn, the titles of your posts crack me up! Congratulations on getting those two entries out the door. That always feels good–something accomplished and ventured. I wish YOU a “beautiful, tiny book”–and then a beautiful, BIG book! I want to read ’em both.

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