A Slimy Poem for Open Link Night


Under the raspberries
under the mint
under the leaves,

a kingdom is growing,
moving, crossing
slick trails like swords
of wet dominion.

Under the tent tarp
under our heads
under our dreams,

a whole world
is sleeping with us,
unseen in the cool
and the damp,

mouthparts always
chewing on something,
be it memory or plan.





A word about Open Link Night: This takes place each Tuesday afternoon/evening/night at dVerse, a website by and for poets. You post a poem on your blog, and then you add a link on the dVerse site, and then you get lots and lots of new visitors (and of course, you visit other poets, too). Thanks again, Anna, for letting me know about it!


20 thoughts on “A Slimy Poem for Open Link Night

  1. Always think of them as the Roman army: ‘marchin on their stomachs’.[gastropods]
    my present destruction data for this year is 1273. But I have to get up in the middle of the night to crunch the largest numbers.

  2. Oh, this so appeals to the biologist in me :). Sorry I am terribly behind in my OLN reading this week (life and my laptop trying to self-destruct). I remember my shock and amazement the first time I saw images from the electron microscope, truly fascinating.

  3. Reads like metaphor for the brain or mind’s tendency to constantly stay on something, slowly digesting or generating ideas. Working unnoticed under the hood. Slow but with purpose.

    Enjoyed the poem (though I’m not a fan of slugs). 🙂

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