Calling All Poets under 40

Which I am, juuuust barely …

I’m going to enter this contest from The American Poetry Review, in part because, well, this is the last year in which I’ll be eligible. I wish I hadn’t seen the thing about how you can enter more than once, though, because now I’m all boggled over whether to enter twice — and thus, have six poems embargoed for a while — or just choose the three that I think are the best fit. The double chance is tempting, but then, given my track record with contests, it also sounds good to send just one $15 check, not two. 

What do you think? And have any of you entered this one, or plan to? The clock is ticking … The postmark deadline is May 15 (next Tuesday — yikes).


2 thoughts on “Calling All Poets under 40

  1. Hi, Marilyn–I haven’t entered the Kunitz contest at APR, but only because I’m [ahem] not eligible. 🙂 But you should go for it! APR runs a clean contest, and the glory would indeed be great. Looking at the guidelines, I don’t see a statement forbidding simultaneous submissions–so I don’t think you need to take the poems you submit there out of circulation. (Contests usually do allow simultaneous submissions, even if the magazine running them doesn’t, unless they state otherwise.) Good luck!

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