Hey, Man … Have You Ever *Really* Looked at Your Hands?


Look at
your open palm,
how the branches
fork off into
so many rivers,
so many cracks
in the earth
of your life,
the map of
your world,
how it looked
just before
you took flight.

P.S. — How could I have forgotten to link to dVerse Open Link Night, which I’ve been enjoying these past few Tuesdays? Lots of great poets there — please go enjoy!


17 thoughts on “Hey, Man … Have You Ever *Really* Looked at Your Hands?

    • Thanks, Jennifer! It wanted to stay kind of spare. It was the first one I’d written in a week. Still finding equilibrium after NaPoWriMo and a desire to take a huge break immediately after.

  1. I totally enjoyed this look at the map in the palm, the palm in the hand, the way the reading does or doesn’t shape our lives. I tried to follow to the site you linked, but it truly goes nowhere! Please repost it. Thank you.

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