No More NaPoWriMo, But Here’s a Persona Poem

The Carrot Says

I am the vegetable
you most want to see,
but honey, I won’t
make you well.

Come with me
and I will take you
back down to where
it all began, when I

waited in the dark
for someone like
you; I sent up my
leafy top like a

flag, a signal for
you to pull me.
Now, I’ll pull you
down to the dirt;

I still remember
where I used to
live. Don’t worry.
You’ll put down

roots soon enough.
After a while, you’ll
forget you ever
had eyes.


20 thoughts on “No More NaPoWriMo, But Here’s a Persona Poem

  1. wow…this is kind of frightening…made me think of an addict that met someone and they tried to “pull” him out of his addiction but instead looses grip themselves..very well written

  2. I feel pulled to invite carrot out for a dirty weekend, but jazz club — too much scotch, indiscreet behavior in the cab back to our hotel — not garden patch. What a compelling voice you’ve given carrot slash phallic symbol. (and if I’ve missed the point of this … I kinda don’t care)

    • I am, and it’s nice to see you, too! Thank you so much for telling me about it. In general, I’m still working out how many poems to post vs. how many to hold back (in order to avoid the “previously published” kiss of death), but I don’t think I could go back to playing everything so close to the vest. I like the crowd at dVerse, so I definitely want to keep doing Open Link Night.

  3. Wow, strangely charming yet with teeth that bite terribly. This is such a cool write because itbshows the seducer at his/her best, charming yet waiting to destroy the joy seemed to promise. This is like an Aesop’s tale for grownups getting into relationships. Excellent write.

  4. Hmm, I see potential for a whole series of vegetable poems here. You could call it “Leaving the Garden,” perhaps. Carrot, of course, is the bad seed. The others avoid him–but some, like Potato, don’t have much choice. Disturbing but oddly engaging.

  5. but honey, I won’t
    make you well.

    Ha! fair warning then… What a great combination of sex and sinister.. I really loved the voice and mixtures you have going on here. Hardly about carrots at all.. 🙂

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