6 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo, Day 30 (Yes, Really): I Remember

  1. songsville says:

    ‘Not the things I thought I remembered’ is perfect … and the context your have here is so real — all the tiny details and things that are so important to the child, and being blissfully unaware of all the adult concerns … I used to have to jump and be in mid air at the precise moment the garden gate swung shut behind me every time I came home … like your knocking on the wall, these things are at least as valid endavours as mortgages and stair carpets, maybe more so …

    • Thank you! Do you still have superstitions? I don’t, really — though I will only pick up a penny if it’s heads-up, and I usually toss a little salt over my shoulder if I spill any.

  2. I love this poem! “they think Jack is dead, but then he’s not—but he was, to me,
    for a few pages, at least, and by then I was a child who had moved
    five times. . . ” Visible, invisible, the taps, everything.

    • Thank you, Susan! It’s the most autobiographical of the ones I wrote for NaPoWriMo. And you’re right that there was so much that I couldn’t quite see at that time …

  3. A capacious arc of memory. What details!

    Marilyn, may I please link to your blog tomorrow? I want to do a little recap of NaPoWriMo, in which I thank you for the Peep roasting in front of the Internet.

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