Come with Me

If you want to view paradise
from inside a burrito,
come with me and you’ll be
in a world of sour cream
and salsa verde of my creation.
Paradise is simple, nothing to it.
Enter the burrito and change
the world. There is no life
so pure as living as you truly
wish to be. Paradise!
Look around! Chew it!
I can see into you—
it begins with a spin
through my imagination.

What happened here? Since I didn’t have a song request (you can leave those in the comments, please), I scrolled down through my Facebook news feed and stopped at the first song I came to, which was this. As you can see, the video found its way into the poem—because really, how could it not? (And if I get sued, the law is on my side regarding parody … right?)

Come with Me


Broken In

When I was crazy,
I did crazy things;
I’m not going to say
I wasn’t and didn’t.

I was offended by
all those small fissures,
synapses, gaps between
tectonic plates, moving.

How dare they move?
With enough baling wire,
I could fix every place
that was cracked,

hold it all together,
keep it still so that
my children could
never fall off

the face of the earth.
What’s crazy is that
I’ve given it up now,
the whole notion of

fixing; my children
hold on however
they can. Every day,
they watch me open

the same broken gift,
the only one I ever
get, the only one
any of us need.



For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.

Broken In, for Open Link Night