The Elder Black-Eyed Kid

All we wanted was a ride home,
me and my brother, or all we wanted
was to see Mortal Kombat in the dark,
where we see better, you know.
All we wanted was your hand
on the car door in Abilene
or Portland, where

you promised you’d help us out.
C’mon, Mister. Let us in. We can’t
get in your car until you do, you know.

We weren’t going to hurt you.
We only wanted to see the movie
or a ride home, my brother and me,
but you had to go and spread those lies,

you had to tell about our black eyes
and white teeth, didn’t you, Mister,
on the streets of Abilene or Portland,
Mister. We will meet you again

wherever you are now, Mister.
Anywhere you are.

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