Beach Glass, for Open Link Night

Beach Glass

Not very tumbled.
Not yet opaque, milky.
Still retaining the clarity
of what they are, or were.

Holding the laughter
or anger, hot romance
of a beach night on the rocks
before bottles smashed.

A fight, or an errant toss;
someone too young, too urgent
to attempt to find a trash can
(to say nothing of recycling).

What words passed between,
among the sweet evening air
as swifts replaced seagulls
and bottle rockets flew?

Drop the bottles where you are.
There are more important things.
Maybe someday, someone will
collect the broken shards,

tossed just enough to no longer
cut. See? She tests each one
on her finger; blunted edges
make treasure out of trash.




For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.