Your Skin, Après Beach

Wake up. Discover the taste for life in airy May.
Eternal beauty unfolding, a peek into threads of
a new feeling. See of-the-moment obsessions,
these two terrors. I couldn’t stop them—I wish
that I had. Wake up. Keep swimming, earthling.
Discover the taste for life by the seashore. May
is the timepiece, your sundial, only timeless.

It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a new magazine. This time, it’s Marie Claire. One thing I’ve noticed right away is that it’s the first magazine I’ve seen that acknowledges COVID-19 in its editor’s message, though most of the content was written so far in advance that it creates an alternate universe of art exhibits, expensive clothes, and fun in the sun. To buy this magazine, I went to our local Walgreens on the first day that covering our faces in stores is mandatory in my state. Yes, I bought essential items, too, but shopping for a fashion magazine while wearing a bandanna and trying not to offend with my physical presence felt otherworldly and almost made me cry.


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