Today’s Forecast: Spring Gases

Harsh chemicals—my favorite way to decompress.
I want to look great: radiant, intelligent, a crowd-pleaser.
The best protein is a hiking boot formulated with zinc oxide,
petroleum and phthalates, synthetic ingredients like tolulene.
Unhealthy? Endocrine disruptors? Just pour the solution
into the ocean—it’s empty. The sweat is a waterfall.
I am never giving up New York City, where you feel dirty
when you take a bath. I think it’s really important, buying
this candle, a breathable oil mined from the earth. Plastics:
the healthiest formula for you, an optimal way to deal with
the hunger of chronically stressed artichokes and onions.


I’m Happiest When I Hit

I feel my absolute sexiest after a tough
dance around my room. I try to wash my
handsome lemon before bed, a guilty
Yorkshire pudding of time. If you have bold
eyes, lawless cheeks, keep everything in
its true hue, synthetic vibrancy underneath
like beets. Parsnips. (You won’t believe
spring flowers.) Ready? For a long time, I
stood, feeling embarrassed, out of work,
damaged. Bursting with lab-grade potency.


Mindfulness and Pleasure

Carolyn says you’re happy, thanks to our nice,
tangy mindfulness. You’re worth the investment.
You are constantly under assault from ordinary
hands, this group of people who crush the beans
happily. Drink some red wine—it triples the moon
in her comfort zone, an evil monster. A good story.
All I care about is everything all at once, I think.


The Gut Makes Certain Diseases

It is not known if your unborn baby passes into
the pubic bone. Make sure you’re breathing.
The fluctuations your body experiences during
birth meet every tropical forest in total harmony
with the birds and monkeys. And a beehive—
not so new. Stay in a peaceful state of sea turtles.
During the day you can go search for yourself,
nothing else, your perfect place, so you can live.
The latest trend in women’s health care—a body,
a sharp little snap of the hand using a hammer.


A Dance at Double Intensity

With music, you don’t have to be yourself
for a long time. I look at myself differently
in the mirror, feeling the other side of this
sexy sugar, more bravada. Nothing is new.
My bold lip will create beautiful plants,
a hummingbird, edible flowers filled with
gases, silky soft strands of sparks, barely
breathable. On a little cloud, a crowd of
scents—loss, big memories, their power.


All Those Things

Your future looks bright this spring.
Get excited, Suzy! We grow the minerals
ourselves; they’re as vibrant as sand.
Apply a sunset gaze for a warm swoon,
a pastel orange fire anywhere. No rules.
Use a fluffy aluminum to bond the lakes.
You won’t believe how creamy and crisp
these scones are—a gorgeous ombré
filling, a large bubbly beet devil, your
calm mind, honey. Any way you want.


The Beauty of a Pared-Down Cocktail

Do it right: Choose your booze and back up
carefully into a blistered comfort zone, all

sunny, elegantly hip. Buttery leopard-print
booties. The real magic is brownies, a girl,
a lushly creepy mix of alternate universes

of food. There are times when you get to make
cakes where everything is moving to loud music.

Who gets me ready for the fancy things? I try
to be the main attraction, to look right. I am
just not a healthy eater. I ate doughnuts

and all these big, fun meals—guilty comfort.
I just want to have fun, still, for me alone.


We’ve Seen So Much Already

You can change your voice so
you can try popping up with
bright personality. But don’t

stop there. A little intense—
a quick moment, only a minute
or so. Don’t overdress the subtle

pleasure of your enjoyment.
Feel good about indulgences:
a high-quality version of

your love for your family,
putting on a glove, working
on this planet, your way to live.


My Constipation Keeps Coming Back

People love a tall, beautiful pubic bone.
Just remember, if you get pregnant,
it’s possible to take a trip, ride through
olive groves with a local chef for 4 days.
Total indulgence—the top priority here.
Enjoy the monkeys in the Hollywood Hills,
locally sourced, wellness-minded. Chic.
Convert food waste into ocean waste,
an amazing sight on the beach at night—
the bison in the distance, your hands.


Chemical Harm

Wet hair holds fine fabric, a soft smile
as soon as I walk in my door. I probably
started this ritual: a bath, my best stories,

toxic chemicals used to treat skin for
centuries, an acid mined from the earth
today. When you muddle through your
hurts, your body focuses your mind.

Start from within
, you’ve heard. The day
has put together your hunger.
No reply
by the bugs in your gut. Eat your mood.






If you’re new here, let me tell you what I’m doing: Each month, I write poems using phrases from a different magazine. The phrases don’t have to be directly contiguous, but they do need to be in order rather than all jumbled up. So, I choose a word or a phrase and then look until I find another that will join it in an interesting way. Sometimes the final result tracks better than at other times, but I hope that each contains at least a portion that works well and says something. This month, the magazine is SHAPE. So far, it seems to have a pretty acquisitive take on health and fitness, which I guess shouldn’t be surprising.